Police offer reward


A $500 reward will be introduced for people who report graffiti vandals in an attempt to curb the scourge, which costs South Australian ratepayers hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

The State Government says the money will be handed over to people whose information leads to convictions.

Attorney-General John Rau says vandals often have distinct tags that make them identifiable, and many people know who they are.

He says the cost of removing graffiti is a huge burden on councils and businesses.

“Council rates in every local government area in South Australia are being inflated to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars to clean up the mess,” he said.

“These people as I understand it regard these tags as, if you like, a signature. They put them around the place in the same was as a dog makes a mark.

“I don’t care where they live, in what suburb. I don’t care what sort of job they’ve got or whether they’ve got a job. They’re idiots.”

The Australian Institute of Criminology estimates the cost of graffiti vandalism at $300 million a year nationally.

The Graffiti Rewards Program follow the introduction of increased maximum penalties for those caught illegally using spray cans of up to $5000 or a year in prison.

Police say there has been a slight reduction in graffiti vandalism in the past year.


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