Locals Against Graffiti


LAGG is national community organisation that has been established to work with local authorities to address the rising incidents of graffiti and gangs.

We believe that successful graffiti abatement requires a combination of COMMUNITY, LOCAL COUNCIL and the LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT and a collaboration between these three groups is the only way to succeed in the eradication, education and conviction of graffiti gangs.

LAGG has a proven STRATEGIC PLAN that can be used in your community  to start a campaign against Graffiti and Gangs. We are a proactive organisation which seeks to instill community pride and generate a skillful response to the presence of graffiti and gangs.

Click Here to see Frank Hardcase on graffiti crime

Current Activities:

Adopt a street sign

This involved residents that live near or adjacent to signs that have been hit with graffiti cleaning the graffiti within 24hours, council will provide graffiti cleaning kits for the residents that adopt a sign

Community Paint out Days

The community spend the day to help paint graffiti off private property

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